Mercedes L. Miller

We Didn’t Set Out To Manifest More Than $1.5 Million in less than 72 Days…

But we did!

This Is How You Transform Your Mind and Shift Your Existence To Maximize Where You Are With Exactly What You Have.


MY AMAZING SYSTEM OF Proven Principles, Practical Application, Profound Results

A powerful opportunity to shift your
experience amongst those who know they have power and want to flip the switch or those who want to turn up the wattage. whether personally, professionally, spiritually, physically or financially, if you’re ready for something more, different or better, 72 days of amazing is for you!

You’re Not Looking To Walk On Water or Take Water And Make Wine…

You Just Want To Tap Into Your Power to Obtain Wealth, Activate The Power of Life and Death That Is In Your Tongue, Access That Power To Tread On Serpents and Scorpions and Over All The Powers that Plague Your Mind. What you want is to understand how to truly use your power to create the peace and joy as you:

YES! I Want This For You!

Together, We Can Flip The Switch On Your Power and Turn Your Goals And Dreams Into Earth Realm Reality So You Can Have Love and Peace and Joy and Money You And Your Family Deserve…Let Me Show You How.

72 Days Of Amazing Is Intentionally Designed To Pave A Path To Manifesting More Peace, Power, Prosperity, Profit, Prominence, Posterity…Whatsoever You Desire.

How Does It Work? (I’m So Glad You Asked.)

The program includes:

One of my foundational mantras: Everything You Have Is Everything You Need To Get Everything You Want. You have a unique set of skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to offer the world — FIRST, you’ve got to learn to use it for you and maximize what you already have.

The problem?

THEY keep telling you have speaking power and they never tell you exactly how to use it.

On top of that, many people speak of now faith and the power of thoughts and words, yet, they have no clear method for ushering you to the results that you desire. You may be frustrated at all the NOISE in your head, on the internet – even in the church – about having faith and applying your faith. You’ve been decreeing and declaring for years, some of you decades, and you simply want to know…Where is my stuff? Where is my harvest? Where is my great love? Where is my healing?

Conscious or subconscious – it’s mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausting. It’s mind-boggling — so no wonder you’ve not been able to manifest what you desire.

This Is How 72 Days of Amazing Is Different…

I’ll teach you the RIGHT way to transform your mind and program your conscious and subconscious to manifest what you desire. Renew your mind and transform your mind — based on proven biblical principles, corporate constructs and universal laws that I’ve used for nearly a decade and a half working with executives and stay-at-home moms, pastors and spiritual leaders, colleges and universities, governmental entities and multi-million-dollar corporations. I give you specific, practical ways to make the shift, sustain it and grow.

(Already know how to manifest? Amazing!  We can go back and cover the basics again to make sure you remember how powerful you are and access the tools and skills you already have to ensure you are getting the most out of your power.)

By The End Of This 72 Days of Amazing, You’ll See and Feel The Shift In Your Existence. Those who Manifest with Mercedes have tangible, quantifiable PROOF that manifesting works and so do these principles. BE PREPARED – others will start to verbalize the changes they see you will feel the power of your manifest power.

Here’s What Our Graduates Say:

Thank you Mercedes for a phenomenal 72 days... And thank you for being unapologetically you! Also, for sharing information that is worth the cost, and time spent. During the 72 days I experienced so many transforming days. * Manifested $68,000 for home and church. (Brand new sanctuary, money for church, and new roof for home) * Personal household income in June and July matched first 3 months of the year 2x * My weight loss journey has been more consistent * My focus on recognizing what serves me and eliminating what does not has been mind blowing. * I learned the quick path to get something in my heart and then to my life.

-Pam Phillips

This 72 day Prosperity change my life completely! I went from chaos, and being double minded to being grateful, and the centered feeling of abundance in 3 weeks! FYI..A $130K worth of Peace and and Abundance! So grateful. Respectfully,


During the 72 Day Manifesting with Mercedes, I received over $240,000. It was the prayers for provision and prosperity that began each of my days and connected my spirit realm to be clear and focused on what I wanted. My thoughts and my speaking became aligned with God’s desires for me and my heart, mind, and soul. Prayer, focus, repetition, and the EmpowerPlays were the keys. And, she, a master manifestor did the same for ME each day. Yes, I am Manifesting with Mercedes!

-Dr. Fran Oates

The 72 day program was by far one of the best investments I have made in my personal growth and development journey. A six-figure career opportunity, a new truck for myself and my mother, an opportunity to use my expertise and represent my company before the President of the United States…amazing. Each session with Mercedes was of full of valuable nuggets that can be easily understood and retained. Mercedes provides specific tools that ushers in clarity, peace and room for the manifestation to occur. I highly recommend this program to make every area of your life more abundant and fulfilling. Even after the program was completed there is still work to do but know that Mercedes has already equipped you for success.

-Tasha Jones

Participating in the 72 Day program was one of the most transformative decisions I have made. The program gave me a greater sense of peace, enlightenment, and appreciation for what manifestation really means. Staying connected and engaged in the 72 day program launched me into a level of manifestation that started showing up in different areas of my life including multiple, yes multiple, financial blessings. We were created to prosper in every area of life and the 72 day program is a tool to assist in making prosperity a reality.

-Kristen Tucker

The 72 Days of Manifesting with Mercedes was truly, an amazing experience. I learned so much about true manifestation and I learned even more about myself with those “AHA” moments and revelations that Mercedes helped me to see. Mercedes has a gift of communication and she helps you tap into your deeper self to understand your power, that power to change and live in true happiness and success. I have enjoyed learning how to manifest anything I want in my life for myself as well as others. It’s about living in truth, knowing your power and your ability to have the things you want and desire, and live the life you want, on your terms. You are what you think you are and your life manifests what you believe! I am truly grateful and blessed by this group experience!

-Owerri Marrasha

Manifesting Works!

Ready For 72 Days of Amazing?

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Get The Tried and True Theory AND The Practical Application For Shifting Your Energy, Raising Your Vibration, Improving Your Knowledge and Manifesting What You Want.

Here’s What 72-Days Of Amazing Includes:


This is where it all starts…and where I welcome you into my Manifesting World!  In this module, I’ll give you the overview of how 72 Days of Amazing works, what you can expect, and how to tap into every wattage of power during our time together.

Getting Started

If you want to tap into your power to create sustaining results, let’s be crystal clear, you’re going to have to start to create some momentum before you walk the red carpet, mount the stage and those plush velvet curtains are opened. In this module, I’ll show you some simple, but foundational EmpowerPlays to begin to shift your energy and experience an astounding difference in how you exist so that you can maximize our connection and the transformative information that I am going to share with you.

Module 1: Understanding Your Power

YES! You have manifested before today. Money. Relationships. Cars. Homes. Jobs. Projects. Contracts. Most people use their power by happenstance and unknowingly. You have also used it to save what you have. Remember that time you almost got evicted, foreclosed on, car repossessed? You mustered up enough power to save it or replace it and then went back to business as usual.
Well, in this module, I’m going to help you remember exactly how powerful are and teach you how to manifest what you want and need before you are about to lose it all!

Module 2: Tapping Into Your Power

Now that we’ve identified the powerful manifestor that you are, let’s talk the talk. As a matter of fact, let’s think the thoughts, speak the words and do the EmpowerPlays that give you the information, revelation and implementation that will change your life forever. LISTEN! One hundred percent of the people (that’s 100%) in the last 72 Days of Amazing used exactly what they had to manifest more than $1.5 Million. There were no new jobs, no new businesses, no new investments – no new nothing! Oh, except thoughts and words! They tapped into what they had to produce more, profit more and receive more. I am going to share with you how you can do the exact same thing.

Module 3: Sustaining Your Power

Just like the power in your house that is connected to the lines on the pole or the underground connections which is connected to the main source – as long as you pay your power bill, as long as you remain connected, as long as you flip the switch – you have what you need to do what you desire. In this module, I am going to share with you how your thought patterns, speech patterns and behavior patterns impact your ability to manifest. I am going to reveal to you how your brain processes information and the direct impact that has on your ability to stamp out procrastination, overcome fear and actually do what you came to this planet to do. I am delighted to shine the light on your true ability to live what you’ve always dreamed and have sustained peace, power, productivity, prosperity, profit, prominence and posterity…whatsoever you desire.

Meet Your Instructor:

Mercedes L. Miller

You and I Have Connected For A Reason.

I believe it is because you, like me, know that you have the power to speak things into existence, to create the life you desire and experience the financial freedom with it.

I know what it’s like to be stuck decreeing and declaring and praying and doing everything they said to do and getting little if any results. I know what it is like to go through the motions of everything that is seemingly faith in action and yet the manifestation still has not appeared. I know what it is like to manifest money and opportunities for everyone else…make everyone else’s dreams a reality and still be awaiting the great harvest promised to me.

You see, I was once mis-applying my power, too.  I spent years applying the principles for my clients and seeing their six and seven figure blessings made manifest. I deeply desire to shift my focus to expand my ability to help more individuals make their dream a reality and thus expanding and manifesting the vision for my own life that allowed my legacy to be known and not in the shadows of someone else’s great manifestation. 

So, after nearly two decades of consulting and training for both for profit and non-profit entities - some with budgets of more than $100 million - where I built and managed relationships while covertly helping them manage their minds and manifest what they want…

I decided to come from the shadows and help “everyday people” who want go from barely making it to living comfortably and truly excelling.


Because I didn’t want to wake up one day and realize there were so many more people whose lives I could have impacted…I wanted to openly share the proven principles and practical application to help people pay their bills on time, gain peace on their jobs, expand their entrepreneurial endeavors and actually generate revenue worth counting, have emergency funds when the car breaks down, when the roof leaks, when the insurance doesn’t cover the medication, actually give what they want to give to the church or the non-profit instead of what they are barely able to give. I decided to push past my own stuff and LOUDLY work in my purpose.  

My years in the shadows were not wasted; I applied the techniques I’d learned in the corporate world and in the non-profit arena to grow and expand my own business… 

Within six months of coming out of the darkness and into the marvelous life, I successfully converted silent, secret work into helping people shift to obtain new jobs, new cars, new homes, new relationships and renewed love for all they already had. My true legacy began…

And Now, YES, I Want To Help You…

Today, I teach everyday people how to apply create powerful strategies and using proven principles to shift their mindset, transform their mind all while positively impacting their desires to build their business, get more sales, raise more money, improve their relationships and live a more peaceful and productive life — all while serving their greater purpose and building their own legacy. 

I help aspiring and emerging individuals (just like you!) gain the confidence and clarity to move into a place of peace and prosperity on their own terms by their own definition

Ready to join me? I am so excited to meet you…

Our Next Cycle Of 72 Days of Amazing is starting soon!

After Enrollment Closes, It May Be Quite Sometime Before It Opens Again. Enroll Now And Start Actively and Intentionally Using Those Manifesting Powers That You Already Possess!

Our Next Cycle Of 72 Days of Amazing is starting soon!

After Enrollment Closes, It May Be Quite Sometime Before It Opens Again. Enroll Now And Start Actively and Intentionally Using Those Manifesting Powers That You Already Possess!

So…What Makes 72 Days of Amazing Different?

(Because, There Are A Ton Of Courses Available…)

Other Programs…

Focus on theory. (This is the polite way of saying they give you the what without giving you the why and the how. You need all three.)

72 Days of Amazing!

Gives you EmpowerPlays to use (practical application) and clear direction on how to use them and what to expect.

Other Programs…

Tend to teach you just ONE way to shift, grow, expand, earn, manifest — the instructor's way. You're expected to fit into the instructor's mold...in fact, that's the only way you'll be able to succeed at making money.

72 Days of Amazing!

When I say I work alongside you, I actually do. Manifestors from this and other programs tell the story of me checking assignments, Facebook stalking to see if you are on track or backsliding (grins and giggles), engaging with you in our private group, emailing you, texting you to keep you accountable AND celebrating with you as you experience what you desire being made manifest in your life. We connect WEEKLY!

Other Programs…

Tend to teach you just ONE way to shift, grow, expand, earn, manifest — the instructor's way.
You're expected to fit into the instructor's mold...in fact, that's the only way you'll be able to succeed at making money.

72 Days of Amazing!

Teaches you how to understand what is a great fit for you personally, professionally, spiritually, physically and financially based on YOU and what you desire. This programs gives you the flexibility to build YOUR unique skills, expertise, and passion.
So Powerful…what you create and use is not just a cut and paste template that does not fit your life and what you believe – it feeds your greater purpose and walks you directly into your legacy.

Because Your Questions Deserve Answers…

72 Days of Amazing is for people who are ready to do the work.  (No “get rich quick” schemes here…) It is for people who already believe in the power of death and life in the tongue. Those who are already convinced that if they just tap into their own power and stay tapped in that their lives will reap the promises.

You may be just starting out on the path to making your dream a reality or you may be well on your way…but if you know it is time to live your true purpose or enlarge your territory, then 72 Days of Amazing is for you.

Here’s the truth… I totally get that you’re busy…but if not NOW, then when?

How long are you going to ignore that still, small voice that keeps reminding you that you are so much more valuable and that you deserve more? It is time for you to put you first.  Invest in you. Invest in your legacy. Take that first step of faith.

72 Days of Amazing is literally 72 Days.  It is designed with with new teachings coming out weekly, plus a live weekly Q&A with Mercedes. 

If life gets in the way, you are completely covered:  You’ll have full, unlimited access to the teachings (including recordings of the live Q&As) for one entire yea.  Keeping on schedule just means you manifest and experience what you want faster and for a sustained period of time.

Absolutely not. This is a comprehensive course that takes complex concepts and couples them with practical applications.  You get the benefit of my years working with people from all walks of life and sharing with you what tangibly and quantifiably works to help you personally, professionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

There are 5 pre-work assignments and weekly lessons.  All of them are designed to help you understand how your brain processes information, the impact your belief system has on your ability to manifest, and specific techniques to help you program your mind and be more productive in your life.  You also get the opportunity to connect with other Manifestors as you identify specific goals and dreams that others may be able to assist you with based on their areas of expertise and circles of influence.

Every lesson begins Mercedes introducing a powerful concept that helps you understand where you were, where you are and how you are going to get to where you desire to be.  Every lesson includes specific instructions on how to tap into your power and shift your existence to make your vision a reality.

LISTEN! This entire course is about you cultivating an environment that produces more joy, peace and love so that what you want to see made manifest flows to you and through you.  

If you have second thoughts about your purchase, be sure to contact us during the Pre-Work period and we will give you a full refund.

Please be advised that since this is an information product and delivery of knowledge cannot be reversed.  So, once we have started down the path and actual knowledge, tools and resources have been disseminated and distributed, we do not issue refunds.

Claim Your Power, Enroll Today!

Because you are ready for something MORE, something DIFFERENT, something BETTER…72 Days of Amazing is EXACTLY what you have been looking for…

Let’s Do It Together. Choose Your Option And Enroll Now.

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